Swat the FLies

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Everyone I talk to has big dreams and goals for life, but most of them feel like it’s a fantasy. Something is holding them back, and while they may want something, it’s just never going to happen.

I call that a FLie. (a “F^$&ing lie).

FLies┬ástop us from achieving those goals. It isn’t a lack of ability or having the information we need. It’s mindset.

One of the biggest problems with FLies is that we’re not always aware of them. Sometimes they’re in the background, but we’ve become masters at tuning them out.

The first step is awareness. For the next week, I challenge you to write down any thoughts and beliefs you have about yourself or about life. Things like:

  • I’m not good enough.
  • Life is so hard.
  • All the bad things happen to me.
  • Who would ever listen to me?

Once you write them down, ask yourself if they are true. What’s the evidence for these lies?

Then, decide what is true…what you want to believe.

You get to write the story. Write a great one.

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